The low-cost Model 110A liquid helium level meter reliably measures the helium level in a dewar. A 3.5 inch analog display provides 0-100% liquid helium level indication. A 0-10 V recorder output is provided on the rear panel of the instrument. The Model 110A can be used with any AMI liquid helium level sensor up to 60 inches in active length.

The Model 110A is commonly used for quick and accurate level indication in portable helium storage containers such as those pictured here. Simply plug the unit into the nearest outlet, read the level in percent and then covert to volume using the transport dewar strapping sheet. Level sensors can be built-in by the dewar manufacturer or provided direct from AMI with a metal top sleeve for sealing through the withdrawal port using the standard compression fitting. Simple sheet metal brackets are used to create a platform for the level instrument.



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Input power: 90-132 VAC or 180-264 VAC
50-60 Hz
Sensor current: 75 mA
Linearity: ±2% of full scale
Absolute calibration: ±2% of full scale
Display: 3.5 in. analog meter
Recorder output: 0-10 V standard (0-100 mV optional)
Dimensions: 3.8" H x 8.4" W x 10.75" D, Standard
3.5" H x 19" W x 10.75" D, Rack Mount
Weight: 4.0 lbs. Standard; 4.7 lbs. Rack Mount
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