AMI has been an industry leader for over forty years in the design and supply of superconducting magnet systems, cryogenic liquid level instrumentation and electro-mechanical assemblies. AMI also specializes in complete design-to-manufacture projects geared towards low-to-medium volume, high precision contract manufacturing of Electro-Mechanical and Electronic assemblies.

Product Design

Our team of experienced design engineers will work closely with you to fully comprehend the required features, functionality, and specifications that the product must meet. A detailed quotation will be provided for your acceptance before any actual design or manufacturing is performed. Revision control and Engineering Change Notice (ECN) procedures are used for all electro-mechanical designs and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layouts.

Experience in product design has allowed AMI to significantly reduce the labor investment and increase reliability by constraining as many components as possible to the PCB, as well as reducing the number of wire interconnections between the PCB and external components. A further benefit of this design approach is the ease of module replacement should a component fail within the product.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Design/Testing

AMI has experience in both designing and testing to worldwide EMC standards. We have designed power supplies and successfully tested in systems to Class B radiated and conducted EMC emission levels. Our products meet the various EN61000-4-X specifications. Our engineers are cognizant of the factors affecting a product's performance and heavily weigh these factors during circuit design, PCB layout and enclosure system conceptualization. We can offer you products to meet CE marking requirements.

Embedded Software Development

AMI has extensive experience in the area of embedded software development using the C/C++ programming language. AMI has designed products using the 68HC05, 68HC11 and 80186/80188 microprocessor architectures. Our software development experience encompasses cross compilation and emulation for 68HC05 and 68HC11 processors, as well as PC-hosted compilation and remote debugging kernels targeted for 80186/80188 processors that are monitored through an RS-232 interface.

AMI also has experience with object-oriented development techniques for both embedded applications and higher-level Graphical User Interface (GUI) development. We are competent with the ANSI C, C++, Visual Basic, and Labview programming languages. Object-oriented techniques reduce the design complexity and recurring maintenance requirements as compared to purely procedural-based techniques.

CAD Capabilities

AMI makes use of the latest solid modeling programs, including the use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Mechanical design is done using SolidWorks, however AutoCAD files can be used if required. Schematic capture and PCB layout is performed with Protel, OrCAD, or Tango.


Our flexible manufacturing lines allow us to build a wide variety of products with quick changeovers. Our daily processes include lead forming and placement of thru-hole components. Our automated drag solder process insures consistent quality solder joints, virtually eliminating product failures caused by human error. Using the latest in thru-hole board assembly equipment, including automated soldering, allows us to perform small quantity board lots quickly and cost effectively.

We have extensive experience machining and assembling phenolic fiberglass resin, Mylar, and ceramic parts. We specialize in epoxy applications, and have developed a proven process for converting low cost, non-sealed electrical connectors into sealed connectors.

Our skilled craftsmen have access to equipment ranging from manual lathes and mills, for custom work, to CNC Machine and Wire EDM Centers for complex units. Performing high quality TIG welding on copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and various exotic metals is routine.

Enclosure fabrication processes include in-house and outsourced state-of-the-art machining ranging from conventional units suited for very low volume to CNC equipment suited for higher volume or projects with difficult geometry. Enclosures are typically manufactured using aluminum or plastic, with painted exterior, silk screening, plastic overlays, anodizing or irradiated finishes. We can provide enclosures with custom color schemes and your corporate logo.

AMI can fully assemble the product or we can provide sub-assemblies if preferred. AMI maintains relationships with several PCB manufacturers that are able to accept CAD data electronically and product quality boards to AMI specifications. Several manufacturing and test processes are computer controlled. Dedicated computers are used to control mechanical manufacturing processes. Electrical test processes are controlled by National Instruments LabVIEW virtual instrumentation software or custom software using data acquisition hardware.


AMI has the capabilities to develop and design user documentation in Microsoft Word, Lotus AmiPro, and Adobe FrameMaker. SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Cosmos, Visio and Visio Technical, Adobe Illustrator, and Micrografix Designer are available for generation of scaled drawings or illustrations. All documentation can be provided electronically on a variety of media formatted for Windows or MacOS.

Contact AMI with your product design and assembly outsourcing needs. We will be happy to provide a quick evaluation to see if your needs fit our capabilities. No frills, no empty promises - only solid quality and service.

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