The 13x series liquid helium level monitors may be configured with up to one (1) analog interface option and one (1) digital interface option.

Recorder Output Option (Analog)

The recorder output option provides a 0-10 Volt signal corresponding to the displayed liquid level. The output is located on the rear panel of the instrument.

4-20 mA Output Option (Analog)

The 4-20 mA output option provides low noise information transmission well suited for process control environments or long distance transmission without degradation. 4-20 mA current transmissions are not affected by line voltage drops, contact resistance, or voltage noise. Customer supplied loop power is regulated by the 4-20 mA circuitry. Only two wires are required for signal transmission.

Computer Interface Options (Digital)

The computer interface options allow computer monitoring and control of the liquid level readout, sensor calibration, high and low setpoints, level control setpoints, and display unit selection. Computer interface options are supplied with fully customizable virtual instrument (VI) drivers for National Instruments LabVIEW® for Windows software (version 3.1 and above) at no extra charge. Please specify RS-232 or IEEE-488 when ordering a computer interface option.

Use of the RS-232 or IEEE-488 interface option does not require the LabVIEW product. The virtual instruments are simply provided for customer convenience. Please see the Technical Support section and the on-line manuals for complete details on the capabilities of the computer interface options.



LabVIEW-based IEEE-488 (GPIB) VI for the
Model 136 Sample-and-Hold Liquid Helium Level Controller
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