The Model 160 Liquid Helium Level Superconducting Dipstick is designed for measuring the level of liquid helium storage dewars that are accessible from the top. Battery operated and easy to use, the Model 160 offers ultra-low helium consumption and outstanding accuracy and repeatability. The dipstick is a cost effective, low-loss, and accurate alternative to flutter tubes and carbon resistor liquid helium level measuring devices.

The Model 160 consists of a superconducting point sensor mounted on a 72" extension tube with 6 feet of cable connecting the sensor to the hand held electronics enclosure. The electronics enclosure is small, lightweight, and completely detachable from the sensor for ease of operation. This point sensor is provided on a Rigid fiberglass wand.

The Model 160 can be used to monitor the presence of liquid helium, such as in the case of determining the liquid helium level in a storage dewar. When the sensor makes contact with the liquid helium, an audible alarm and LED will energize. The Model 160 can also be alternately configured to indicate when the liquid helium has lowered to a predetermined level by "fixing" the dipstick at a level in the liquid helium. When the liquid helium level lowers to the point of breaking contact with the dipstick, the audible alarm and LED will energize. This device offers highly accurate level determination and is an excellent alternative to unreliable flutter tubes or carbon resistor devices.


Input power: 9 volt battery
Display type: Audible & LED Alarms
Accuracy: ±0.1 in
Sensor active region: 0.1 inch
Sensor/extension overall length: 72 inches rigid
Sensor diameter: 0.25 inch
Extension tube diameter: 0.25 inch
Cable length: 8.5 ft.
Electronics enclosure: 1.5" H x 2.5" W x 4.25" D
Total weight: 12 oz.
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