AMI's high-efficiency, superinsulated, and vacuum-jacketed transfer line is designed for helium transfer between standard helium storage dewars and magnet system dewars. The transfer line is manufactured with a 60 inch flexible section and 60 inch dewar legs. An AMI liquid helium level sensor is contained in the lower 22" of the end of the transfer line which inserts into the liquid helium storage dewar.

As the level in the storage dewar decreases to 22" or less from the end of the transfer line, an instrument connected to the integral sensor will give an accurate indication of the helium liquid level for the remainder of the transfer.

The sensor is compatible with all AMI liquid helium level instruments. Construction is such that the sensor is field replaceable should it ever need service. Each transfer line comes standard with 25 feet of interconnecting cable, integral sensor, and a vacuum evacuation valve. Please specify which AMI instrument will be used in conjunction with the transfer line to ensure the correct mating connector is furnished. When used with the affordable, hand-held Model 150A, you have an incredibly versatile liquid helium transfer system.

Active sensor length: 22 inches
Approximate weight: 25 lbs.
Evacuation valve: Detachable
Interfacing cable length: 25 ft. standard
Mating connector: Specify Model 150, 110, 135, or 135-2K
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