Multi-Axis (2-axis and 3-axis) Magnets

Multi-axis magnets provide variable magnetic field on two or three principal axes and are particularly useful for orientation studies on a variety of samples. The magnet is comprised of three independently controlled coil sets. A solenoid coil produces the highest field along one axis. Two sets of split coils produce the fields along the other two  axis. By correctly energizing the coils with the correct currents a combined vector field can be produced in a given direction at a known magnitude. This allows the user to electronically manipulate the field relative to the sample without the use of complex sample rotation equipment or physically rotating the magnet position. Forces in such magnets can be extremely high due to the interaction between each coil when they are energized simultaneously. Care must be taken to stay within the factory defined operating envelop or damaged to the magnet and the cryostat could result. Coil configurations can be with the split coils surrounding the solenoid or the split coils can be nested inside the bore of a large solenoid. Typical specifications include high field up to 9T for the principal axis, 2.0/3.0 inch vertical clear bore and 1T rotating vector using any combination of x, y and z-axis magnets. Photo to left shows a 3-axis magnet with a compensated low field region on top for operation with a dilution refrigerator.

The 3-axis magnet system provides a unique way to rotate the magnetic field vector on the three principal axes and this has proved useful in performing anisotropic studies on a variety of materials. These magnet system have also been very useful in advancing research in the areas of spin based physics. AMI provides magnet system software for automatic sequencing of power supply currents and thus magnetic fields that allow the user to specify and control the magnetic field vector from a single computer screen. The interface allows the user to enter the desired field vector of a 3-axis magnet in Cartesian, cylindrical, or spherical coordinates. Cryogen Free systems and Optical Access systems are available.

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